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Monday, 24 January 2011

Portobello finds

After from the gorgeous electric blue silk strapless jumpsuit that beckoned me over from a Portobello stall - now, who doesn't need a bit of electric blue silk in their lives on a chilly grey January London day? - our wanderings on Saturday led us into the Portobello arcade to Sasti, a lovely kidswear shop with eclectic prints and finds.  Yes, it's a bit unsubtle, the old, "bought something for myself, now have to ease my conscience by looking at men's/kids' stuff!"

First of all, my girl decided to drag over a chair to investigate the rails a bit more closely, having pulled on a dusky pink tutu skirt over her jeans - personally I think the look rocks, chunky jumper, ballet skirt and wellies.... bring it on!

She absolutely loves this shop, and we have bought a few pieces before, including an adorable shirt with little boats and leaves floating across the print.  Other popular prints show oversized cherries bursting with summer ripeness or giant daisies on grassy printed backgrounds, both on skirts with cute tulle peeking underneath. 

I loved the dreamy Lewis Carroll inspired t-shirts:

and the Babushka dolls printed cushions -

Of course, there is a whole section devoted to boys, with funky dinosaurs and pirate prints in bright colours which look almost like Hawaiian shirts, but cooler.  But if I ever have the opportunity again, I think I'll be buying these little knitted shoes and hat, just so that I can have them as a keepsake.

Next post will be a little more grownup, but after a visit to Sasti, and a chat with lovely Rosie who co-owns, designs and runs the shop, I suddenly felt all clucky again!

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