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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Last browsings of the year

With work and life getting in the way, as well as my other main blog which is a working mum's mummy blog, I'm afraid that Mama Likes Pretty Things has been sorely neglected, but that's not to say I don't think about it often....

So, in order to prove that my new resolution to try to post once a week, or at the very least, every other week on each blog, is not a new year's resolution - I don't believe in them, I prefer to do them on my birthday when my year starts - I am going to get a head start today!

Now, chez us needs a bit of a refresh, and short of ripping the back off the whole thing to do major work involving lots of zeroes, which we are just getting our heads around before taking the plunge, I've decided to start small.....

First off, some new cushions - I'm slightly obsessed with Clarissa Hulse fabrics, so picked up a couple of these lovely ones in the House of Fraser sale today for the study:

Then, these beauties for some fun in the living room (to go with, umm, my other Clarissa Hulse cushions from last year! Obsessed? er, moi?):

Right, perhaps we could do with a bit of sprucing ourselves, so before I lose myself in the heady world of homewares, checked out La Petite Madame and drooled over the gorgeous kimonos - vintage finds from Japan, each one a one-off, and sourced by the lovely Emily who has impeccable and unique taste for little ones (would love one of these in my size!):
I also do have to confess to going slightly nuts in John Lewis children's department just before Christmas too, so am trying to be a little more restrained now!

A quick look at Oscar Milo for Mr.G - to be honest, given the name of this blog, there is no point showing pictures of anything, as you actually have to visit the store and feel the products, which are of fantastic quality, and Mr.G will shop nowhere else EVER.  Tony who works there, and Justin who owns the place (the name of the shop comes from his kids), are incredibly nice, patient and stylish guys, however the website does their shop and service no justice at all, and I guess is mainly for people who are used to shopping there so know what quality and design details to expect.

And before I succumb to wasting time flicking through The Outnet's occasion dressing tab (I'm not adding the link, because actually it quite annoys me - nothing ever really fits properly, and this is the word even from inside the hallowed white offices of mother-site, net-a-porter, whose sale is worth a gawp, but keep credit cards well away.  Ideally in another house.), and ASOS's white and black collections, a quick visit to The Kooples is in order - a French brand embodying that edgy, Parisian style - and of course, almost everything is black!  I did fall for these cool gloves though -
Happy new year xx

PS - comments on the site re more pretty things always welcome and oh so motivating!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Something outside to feed the soul, something inside to make you smile

Pretty discovery of fresh air art in France this summer - for example in Rouen, art is in-situ and autumn colours come early to the trees with this Japanese artist's outdor installation

and also with lighting over this bridge, creating a gorgeous end-of-summer ambience for one of the many many many public hols our francophone cousins have (jealous, moi?)... although it also does look a bit like the bridge is on fire (the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the...ok, ok, I really must grow up, but couldn't resist!)

On another note, these - were I able to afford them! - would be perfect to make me smile anytime I start getting the early-evening winter blues.  Christian Louboutin's tahiti flower high heels are pure summer frou frou.  I think if I had them, I would have to wear them even just to do the dishes now and then!

And lastly, just because we've just come back from Brittany hols, I would have been utterly overdressed digging for mussels on the beach in this D&G sequin dress, but love the cute sailor stripes anyway!

Friday, 13 August 2010

The simplest pretty things

Sometimes the things that make my day are the simplest pretty things.

The lid of the new limited edition of Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume - called the Velvet Edition, the lid looks like fabric folded up to look like a flower, and while the original is in plasticised rubber, the limited edition has a luxurious velvety feel.  Can't fail but make me smile when I open the makeup cupboard in the morning.

My favourite sandals from Zadig & Voltaire plus pretty painted toes in Nails Inc Jermyn Street nail polish means its still summer, and I can still wear my gorgeous gold beauties and not get chilly tootsies!

And it may be corny, but nothing like the simple things to make you smile - a rainbow after a summer shower....