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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mama loves... bejewelling your hair

I've mentioned before that I am a real magpie when it comes to accessories (in this post about earings), but lately my eye has been caught by beautiful accessories for hair, and I think that they need to be reclaimed from being just for brides!  Why should they have all the fun, and why shouldn't we bedeck our locks in jewels for a night out, or just a trip to the supermarket!

Here are just a few gorgeous pieces that caught my eye:

Sparkled, embellished, shaped hair-combs and pins look amazing with an updo and an LBD


Jewelled Barettes look so pretty for day or night, and fab on short hair too



And hair-bands - from Gatsby-inspired, to simple or fierce, but definitely not Sloane territory.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I love shoes in a big way.  Actually, I love shoes in a slightly "you have a problem" kind of way.  At one point I had around 200 pairs, although in my defence I would say that I was a ladies footwear buyer, and so had to try out all the samples!  Well, someone had to do it!

These days, I have whittled my collection down somewhat, and try to keep to a strict "one in, one out" rule.  The beauty of accessories is that you can always fit into them, and they can take an outfit from fine to fabulous in moments.  Here are a few of my favourites below.....

Tangerine Abel Jimmy Choo courts

Classic strappy Jimmy Choo Sandals

Salvatorre Ferragamo Sandals

Gold T-bar court shoes from Emma Hope
Black Fold-over boots, Dune
Two-Tone flats from Boden

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A new start for Mama Likes Pretty Things! Mama loves... Accessories

I started this blog a long time ago, as a secondary space to my usual website Mama and More! and at the time just couldn't keep 2 going. But here I am, back again. I've realised that my original though still stands strong - I want to talk about issues, daily life, and what I call the journey through mummydom - seeking the balance between being a mama and still being me - and that whole ride is over at Mama and More! if you'd like to read more.

THIS space however is going to be dedicated to the fact that I really do love beautiful things and I plan to show style wherever it's seen - from fashion, to accessories, heck even food or art, whatever strikes as "something pretty". I hope you like it, and please do comment if you have views, advice or general thoughts and love! No haters please.

So to start -


I have a serious love affair with accessories.  Every since I first started being given pocket money as a child in Trinidad (we had a whole chore checklist, good girl markers, and our mother even made us chequebooks so that we could learn to "draw out" our earned funds!), I remember most weekends going to the mall to buy earrings.  Two or three pairs at a time ideally.  I loved the jingly-jangly feel of them against my neck, and I now have a little tick, where I give a little shake of my head like a pony, just to check I can feel my earrings are still there.  It may look slightly  odd, but habit is a hard thing to break.

My mother has always worn a clutch of silver bracelets on her arm, and we always knew that she was coming by the clinking noise they would make as she approached.  She thinks it probably saved us many a telling off, but to be honest we didn't really take advantage of the warning sound to be very naughty!

So this will certainly not be the only time I talk about accessories!  Today though, just earrings, to start bring back to life Mama Loves...

Alex Monroe Feather Hoop Earings - £245.00 at Astley Clarke

Accessorize Beach Glam Earrings - £12.00 at Accessorize

Top Shop Flower Rhinestone Earrings - £12.50 at Top Shop

Geometric Felicity Hoop Earrings - £45.00 at Stella & Dot

Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Earrings - £85.00 from Pandora