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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mama loves... bejewelling your hair

I've mentioned before that I am a real magpie when it comes to accessories (in this post about earings), but lately my eye has been caught by beautiful accessories for hair, and I think that they need to be reclaimed from being just for brides!  Why should they have all the fun, and why shouldn't we bedeck our locks in jewels for a night out, or just a trip to the supermarket!

Here are just a few gorgeous pieces that caught my eye:

Sparkled, embellished, shaped hair-combs and pins look amazing with an updo and an LBD


Jewelled Barettes look so pretty for day or night, and fab on short hair too



And hair-bands - from Gatsby-inspired, to simple or fierce, but definitely not Sloane territory.


  1. I am loving these, i am stuck in a rut with my hair so these are fab! x

  2. LOVE the first hair band! Where's it from? Really loving this blog hun, you definitely have you finger on the fashion pulse! ;-) xx

  3. I absolutely love every single one of these. Going to bookmark this page for the MAD awards :) Thanks for linking up lovely xx