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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mama loves - the last burst of brights for autumn

Autumn is definitely here, so while we can still indulge the last bursts of brights - both weather-wise, and with outfits, here are some pops of colour that I just love to brighten up these rather grey days...

Spotted these fab eye-wateringly bright coral beauties on a very elegant lady on the commute to work last week - she wore them flared with flat black pointed shoes, and her snakeskin belt and pattern-clash silk scarf over a white shirt, and looked really chic!

I wore this Vionnet dress (from The Outnet) to an evening do out with Mr.G a week and a half ago when it was 27' - it has slashes of red and yellow against the monochromatic white and black, and I toyed with my shoe choices, before finally going for the t-bar sandals I recently bought (and am still talking about them over on my big sister site Mama and More

See, I'm still wearing those t-bars!  Just a little obsessed!  This is one of my favourite dresses, yet somehow I only managed to get it out once this year - mainly because I'd forgotten about it while it lay packed away in a bag marked "pre-pregnancy body" that I finally dared to unpack! I love the bright cobalt blue colour and the cut.  It's by Full Circle, but I can't seem to find their womenswear anymore.  

Funny story about this dress - a few years ago a friend suggested I give her a re-style, and we went straight to a little shop in the Portobello by a designer that I knew did dresses that would be perfect for her shape - his name is Philmore Clague, and the cuts are usually very sculptural, in a slightly Vivienne Westwood way, but without the price tag.  A year or two later when Mr.G and I attended my friend's son's christening service, I took my new Full Circle dress along to wear to the church, and she was wearing a dress by Philmore.  It was the EXACT same dress, same fabric, same colour, identical.  I can only guess that perhaps a buyer saw his dress and did a replica or ordered from him for their brand.  What were the chances?

Here's hoping that it's brighter where you are, and if not, well, pull out some brights to cheer you up!


  1. Ooh...great looks all the way around! You are right about those pants in the first pic - fabulous in only the way eye-watering color can be. I would wear those t-bars as often as possible, too! :)
    Amy @

  2. Beautiful dresses and how funny about your friend! Love bright, vibrant pieces, they just cheer you up don't they! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday!

  3. I read somewhere that the t-bar pumps are back. Yours look fabulous!


  4. You need to do more style posts as you look amazing & have great style! Ax

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