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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mama Likes - Floaty summer dresses and getting polished toes out!

I absolutely love a floaty bohemian vibe for summer - I could waft around all day in floaty dresses given the opportunity and the weather.  Last weekend we had two wonderful London summer days that I wrote about over on my alternate site Mama and More here, when the sun shone through and our local pub threw a street party, and so my daughter and I donned our summery frocks and wafted around, Pimms in hand (for me, not her, naturally!)

For Saturday, I wore this dress from London Fashion Weekend sales, bought at least 5 years ago - does that make it vintage yet? Watch from Michael Kors, neon pink belt, Cos, handbag Tamara Fogle, Sandals, Zadig Voltaire as usual.

On Sunday, amazingly enough, the sun continued - it's a rare thing to be much appreciated to have two consecutive weekend days of sunshine here!  My girl and I rocked summer smock dresses - hers from Next last year, mine from H&M, four and a half years ago.  I talked about gladiator sandals in my last post, here (what's your take on them? Love or loathe?).  I do have one caveat with sandals - if toes are out, grownup toes to be exact, polish! Just a quick slick of something - for me, it's like remembering to brush your teeth or wear underwear before leaving the house.  You just wouldn't not!

 I last wore this dress when I was 5 months pregnant with her, and for a long time, unless I was pregnant, I've stayed away from floaty smock dresses, as they just remind me of a time when I wore little else, but now I am back to enjoying them again.

Today I discovered two new pairs of sandals that practically begged me to take them home - they are from the children's section of M&S, so if you go up to a Eur38/US 6.5-7/UK5, the kids' sandal selection is definitely worth checking out... especially as there's no VAT on childrenswear.

These do come in a more grown-up colour way in the adults' section - in silver glitter or black glitter.  I was dubious about the pink until I tried them on, and then just couldn't resist!  They sealed the deal by being only £14.00.
These are a more muted gold than my Zadig & Voltaire gold sandals, so I convinced myself that they do a different job.  I try to do "one in one out", so came home and expunged two pairs of shoes to make room.  They were only £12.00, so I got 2 for the price of... um at least half the cost of one normal pair? It would have been rude to say no!

I hope that you're having a lovely week, what are you wearing?

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  1. i am so jealous you always look stunning i on the other had live in jogging bottoms ... but you cant see :-)

  2. Ooh I'm between a UK5-UK6 depending on style--good to know!
    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  3. Love the pink glitter! You always look so stylish in whatever you wear - and it's easier to imagine now I've seen you IRL. Thank you so much for all you have done over the last couple of weeks and thank you for linking up to PoCoLo and your support xx

  4. Those flats are amazing!!! Love the gold!

  5. Looking fab and you're the second person this week to tell me about M&S childrenswear-heading there for myself from now on! Gorge pedi too and love how chic Mother and daughter are x