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Monday, 24 June 2013

Mama Loves... A little bit of change - interiors

Growing up we often moved house, and my sisters and I loved to move the furniture around to make it feel like it was "our" space.  It wasn't long before we looked forward to the next adventure though.

These days, having been in our house for a good few years, the furniture seems to be in the right spots, and when I long for change, I can't just pick up and leave and start afresh like when we were children.  It may sound trite, but making some small changes, like moving around artwork on the walls, or just changing cushions, does brighten things up, and also makes me feel like my life isn't static.  Perhaps it's just the nomad in me that needs to uproot a tiny bit, but not too much.  

Here are a few beautiful cushions to bring some new season looks into your home.  There are so many out there, and I've looked at to name just a few.

Sediment cushion - the pattern makes me think more of bamboo trees in a batik print style

Someone once told me that peacock feathers are bad luck, but there is something so glamorous and beguiling about them, isn't there Mrs.Peacock?  

Kitsch budgies whispering to each other

I love this zebra print, and the giraffes below

I would love to place this near a window, for daydreaming of sunny beach days

I love the dramatic skylines of cities, they don't even need to say their names

Grown-up and stylish, with more than a hint of Stella Mc Cartney methinks

I love this neon yellow flamingo, I'd put him next to his more staid, traditional sibling here below

And strictly not for the kids' room, how fabulous are these sexy burlesque themed cushions, perfect for a boudoir, thrown across a chaise long, or even on a spare bed! 


  1. They are fantastic!!
    So different & unsual!

  2. Oooo! I love those burlesque print cushions! Some fab ideas to jazz up the living space.