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Friday, 28 June 2013

Mama Likes... Statement Necklaces, a few favourites

I love how jewellery often tells a story.  As well as being a focal piece or just finishing off an outfit, jewellery is often incredibly personal, and it doesn't matter whether it's uber-expensive, or an impulse purchase.  

I've loved statement necklaces for years, here are a few of my favourites:

Possibly my all-time favourite statement necklace - gold chains on black grosgrain, that ties in a loose bow, from Donna Karan.  Donna Karan was the very first fashion designer I fell in love with when I was a child, poring over fashion magazines, and when I went into her London store years ago, this was the only thing I could afford, but I was determined to leave with something!

I wore this necklace to death (practically literally, as you can see by the one chain that is broken!) - embellished and silver & black, it went with everything and was a real statement.  I found it in a hotel shop in a boutique country hotel I visited about 5 years ago - just goes to show, there may be hidden gems anywhere!

I bought this over-sized "pearls" on grosgrain ribbon necklace, from Accessorize, some time ago, and have rarely worn it, but suddenly I've started gravitating towards it and wear it a lot.

this necklace from Stella & Dot reminds me of Grecian Goddess style, perfect with a plain white vest, or over a gorgeous dress. I've worn it to 2 weddings already.

LOVE necklace above, and pink neon cutout lace effect collar necklace below from Bershka.  I've recently gotten into Bershka, and these pieces are just a bit of easy fun.

Are you a statement necklace lover?  Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you have any favourites to share!

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - supermarket style

A quick trip to the supermarket this morning, and I just felt like wearing heels.  Why not?  Doing mundane mummy-chores doesn't mean I can't still enjoy throwing on some glitzy shoes!

Top, Old Navy, embroidered jeans, David Bitton (I've looked online for similar, but only came up with Ed Hardy-esque ones), Bag, Milly, Shoes, Charles Jourdan, necklace Accessorize

These shoes were a total find - I bought them in Oxfam on Carnaby Street, and the guy in the shop said they were so small no-one can fit into them, so if I had Cinderella feet I could have them for.... £7!! I almost wanted to apologise for robbing him as I ran out of the store!

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with these jeans.  They seem to surface every couple of years, and I dismiss them for ages until the mood strikes.  

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Do I Dare Double Denim?

I did, I went there, I double-denimmed.  And on date-night no less.  Mr.G grinned and shrugged, saying it's obviously one of those girl-things he won't get.

What's the verdict - to double-denim or not, would you?

Denim dress (worn as tunic) from Esprit, silk blazer from Zara, denim clam-diggers from Top Shop.

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Mama Loves... A little bit of change - interiors

Growing up we often moved house, and my sisters and I loved to move the furniture around to make it feel like it was "our" space.  It wasn't long before we looked forward to the next adventure though.

These days, having been in our house for a good few years, the furniture seems to be in the right spots, and when I long for change, I can't just pick up and leave and start afresh like when we were children.  It may sound trite, but making some small changes, like moving around artwork on the walls, or just changing cushions, does brighten things up, and also makes me feel like my life isn't static.  Perhaps it's just the nomad in me that needs to uproot a tiny bit, but not too much.  

Here are a few beautiful cushions to bring some new season looks into your home.  There are so many out there, and I've looked at to name just a few.

Sediment cushion - the pattern makes me think more of bamboo trees in a batik print style

Someone once told me that peacock feathers are bad luck, but there is something so glamorous and beguiling about them, isn't there Mrs.Peacock?  

Kitsch budgies whispering to each other

I love this zebra print, and the giraffes below

I would love to place this near a window, for daydreaming of sunny beach days

I love the dramatic skylines of cities, they don't even need to say their names

Grown-up and stylish, with more than a hint of Stella Mc Cartney methinks

I love this neon yellow flamingo, I'd put him next to his more staid, traditional sibling here below

And strictly not for the kids' room, how fabulous are these sexy burlesque themed cushions, perfect for a boudoir, thrown across a chaise long, or even on a spare bed! 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - a new love affair

You know how you fall in love with something and then want to wear it all the time?  Meet my new love - this swishy silk skirt from TK Maxx.  I absolutely love it, and wore it to dinner with friends last week, and then to a morning meeting the day after too!  Plus my new favourite red suede boots from Oscar Milo - well, if the British summer continues to be so elusive, I at least have a reason to alternate between these and my beloved gold Zadig & Voltaire sandals.

grey jacket, M&S; embellished cardigan, Top Shop

lace & bead necklace from Accessorize

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - a very relaxed date night

The last of the watery sunshine, as the week's tease of summer faded away! We headed out to our favourite Indian restaurant for a very relaxed date-night.  I have to mention that upon arrival at the restaurant, the manager excitedly showed us the Tatler Restaurant guide 2013 that they have been included in.  This shows two things - they obviously don't select only super-posh restaurants, or super-expensive, AND we clearly have good taste, right? And now need to book tables in advance!   I've included a review from TripAdvisor here (the Tatler guide isn't online just yet), because we're just really pleased for them.

So, back to What I Wore Wednesday:

Lurex sweater is from Stussy, jeans from Bershka, handbag (just seen) Mulberry, bracelets, Kurt Geiger and Monica Vinader

Neon yellow wedge sandals are Kurt Geiger.  They are so high, I feel like I get to see the world from a whole new perspective, given that I am a petite petite at 5'1", and the wedges add another good 5" on, yet somehow manage to be comfortable.

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mama likes...Black dresses in the summertime

I love wearing colour.  Bring on bright brights, shocking neons (perhaps not head-to-toe, I am, ahem, over 30 after all), and even loud prints at times.  And of course, black.  I always come back to black, no matter what the time of year is.  In summer, the juxtaposition works even better.  

I love white in the winter - a white dress with black opaques and towering wedges; a white cashmere or wool sweater whisper warmth and luxury; white jeans with a black top look cool and effortless (and childless, clearly.  At least not of the wipe their hands/faces/noses on you type of offspring.  Toddler-less to be exact).  And in summer, I can't dismiss black.

There's something perennially classic about black.  It doesn't try too hard, it just IS.  I'm not just talking an LBD for evening-wear either.  A flowing black maxi dress, set off by gold jewellery maybe, a flouncy black dress with details in the cut or fabric, or black capri pants with a simple t-shirt.  Wearing black, the details jump out, unhindered by print, not distracted by colour.  And somehow, black always looks groomed.

I think of Stockard Channing as Rizzo in Grease, in her black cinched waisted shirt-dress, while the other girls looked purposefully prudish in their flouncy pastels.  She looked cooler, grownup, no fussy cardigans thrown over her, but elegant, and, well, naughty, of course.

Even Sandy finally gave in to black when she made her final transition to release her inner vixen in those pants that were so tight Olivia Newton-John apparently had to be sewn into them!

For a more modern girl-in-black crush, albeit still with a 50s twist in living La Vita Bella, is the divine Monica Bellucci as seen in the brilliant ad campaign for Summer 2013 by Dolce & Gabanna.  She stands out amongst the fun and frivolity as classic and just stunning in that black lace dress.

Wearing black in the bright light of a summer's day is unexpected - you could be on a walk of shame, or you could have just tossed on something elegant, without needing the excuse that an LBD usually does of an evening event, and it certainly doesn't have to look like workwear.

(image credit - The Blonde Salad)

So, I'm not averse at all to wearing black in summer  - in fact, I love it.  There's even physics to back it up!  To put it simply - white reflects heat, and it looks cool and light, however while it reflects the heat from the sun (very minimally, especially when you live here in the UK), it also reflects the heat nearest to you... your own body heat, and so therefore makes you hotter than black, which absorbs heat!  This answers the long-standing question of why people in the hottest countries in the world often wear black head to toe (apart from religious and cultural reasons of course)... it's practicality.  Who says fashion isn't practical!

dress, French Connection

dress, Monsoon

In my world, no colours are off limits - and nor should black be, just because the heat is on.  In fact, it's even cooler to wear black in the summertime!  Just show some flesh, and add some gorgeous accessories.

Silent Sunday

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Stripes and Stacking Bracelets

It's here at last - British summer is here, just a week before the official height of summer, we have brilliant sunshine, blue skies, and warmth!  This weekend was just before the real warm weather hit, and I decided that I was going to force the summer out by wearing my stripy summer maxi dress... and look, it worked!

I love this dress, bought from a stall in Santa Monica, I can't remember exactly where, for no more than $15.  Strapless, it doubles as a skirt too, so multifunctional as well as extremely comfortable.

I've been collecting my bracelets over time, and they all have special memories for me, not least of which is the fact that my mother has always worn a clutch of silver bracelets on her left arm, and the jingle-jangle noise she made as she came up the stairs always alerted my sisters and I of her approach!  Not that we were ever that naughty anyway though.  Ah, missed opportunities.  These are just a few.

Bracelets from Monica Vinader, Dinny Hall, Wright & Teague, and gifted from friends

(P)leather jacket, M&S, grey marl cardi worn underneath at the weekend, when the wind was still a bit chilly, from Zara.

Earings from Accessorize

Sneakers, Converse

Have a wonderful week!

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Brighten up a Monday with gold and sparkles... and a harmonica?

The sun is out, and there is actual real warmth in the air!  Happy Monday everyone, whisper it, but summer may actually be here!

So, bright and sunshiny it may be, but it's still a Monday, and there's always a need to brighten up those back-to-school (or work) blues.  As a certified magpie, I love a bit of tasteful sparkle.  I'm not working today... or tomorrow, but that's another story... so while I run errands, I'm teaming up my favourite Zadig & Voltaire gold sandals (as featured here, in the early early days of this blog!) with rhinestone-studded back-pocket jeans from Bershka, and this fun gold sequinned cap-sleeved sweatshirt top from Scotch & Soda.  The best thing about this sweatshirt - no, not just the sequins - the fact that it comes with a necklace with a tiny harmonica on the end of it!  How cool is that, the kids love it!

Happy Monday!

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